Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! This is actually one of those "holidays" that I always hated as a kid because no matter how much green you wore there was always a kid that would pinch you saying they couldn't see it, or that's not green, or what have you. Yeah, you're supposed to be able to sock 'em if you do have green but that never happened. So I would come home at the end of the day having eaten some food colored green and full of irritated pinched skin.

All that being said, I love celebrating (and by celebrating I mean just wearing green) it with my kids. They get so excited to wear green. But I tried to make sure Colin's green was VERY obvious today, just in case there were kids in his school like ones I had in mine. Since this is Max's first St. Pat's Day, he too wore green. But truth be told, he has been sportin' some green of his own for days in the way of 2 slimy slugs coming out of his nose. Poor boy can'r catch a break with all the colds and such going around. And because he gives such great kisses (you know the full on the mouth, open wide, wet ones) I too have my own green which I hope no one will see. It is ok for a baby, but not for mom!!

Anyways, wanted to share these cute pics of Max wearing his green shirt which has a pirate that says "ARGH!" on it. I think this is his first time in kelly green and I think it is a good color on him if I do say so myself (I'm not biased or anything).


Jen said...

Way cute kid! I think that green is a good color for him, too. And by the way, is that an Afrin bottle he's sucking on? HaHa! Gotta love being a mom! Happy St. Patty's Day!

April said...

It's a Little Noses Saline Drops bottle. He had the nose sucker earlier. Whatever works!! :o)

Catherine said...
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