Friday, March 28, 2008

I LIVE to shop!

Yesterday was such a fun day! My friend Kamaile and I took the kids (her 6 month old Marcus along with Ally and Max) to the North Bend Outlet Mall. We got to shop for the kids (of course) as well as look at some things for ourselves. Ok, so maybe I only bought something for the kids, but I thought of looking for me, but shopping for them is SO much more fun!! Kamaile found a couple of good deals for herself though.

Anyways, so on the way home the babies (who were sitting next to each other in the car) were "talking" to one another, back and forth, it was too cute. They make similar sounds strangely enough. Then all of a sudden it got quiet and we turned to see them both sacked out. Kamaile said she needed to take some pictures. Thankfully she brings her camera places, what a good mommy she is. I would love to always remember my camera, but I feel lucky to remember to brink each child, the camera would be a bonus. (Doesn't Max look like he is pretending to sleep, he looks so stiff.) So all in all, it was a fun trip and hopefully we will get to do it again soon. Ally LOVED playign with another baby. She wanted Marcus and Kamaile to come stay at our hosue, so sweet!


heide ohana said...

hey! i was just clicking onto your page thinking to myself that i gotta send you those pics; but you got them up! you are too good!! they were too cute!

Christy said...

Very sweet pictures.