Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New 'do!

So, yesterday Spencer worked from home so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a haircut in the late afternoon since he could watch the kids. I have been trying to make an appointment for a WHILE now, so I was in desperate need of a cut. So I got to go to my stylist at Gene Juarez and now I have bangs again. I decided to take pics in the dressing room after I was done because I can never style it or do it the same way they do. (Although with this cut I MAY be able to, but it is never as sleek and soft.) Please excuse the pics as they are on my cell and I have never taken a pic of myself (which is quite hard to do) and my brows need to be done and I don't have much makeup on.

Now I think I need to be more adventurous and actually color my hair. Just some highlights and lowlights I think, but I have NEVER colored my hair.....well, I take that back. I did a henna in high school that turned the from of my hair Ronald McDonald orange (had to use mascara to cover it until it could be fixed) and the other time in Hawaii when my hair was getting quite red/orangisg from the sun and my mom told me to get a dark brown to cover it. I ended up with BLACK hair, I looked like Snow White. The ends held the color the longest so I ended up "trimming" it (almost to my shoulders) which was the start of many more short cuts.


Melain said...

You've never taken a picture of yourself?!! That is so strange to me. Your haircut is super fab. I hope you can style it on your own. And Henna doesn't count. You really should play with color on a professional level. It's super fun!!!

heide ohana said...

you are so funny...don't mind this, and this, and this... oh ya, and this!
i like your hair cut! i love bangs too. i can't beleieve i didn't realize it when we went out today! sorry!
but i must say, you do look like a sexy mama!

Jen said...

Oh! I sooooo remember when you did the snow white thing! I can't beleive that you haven't colored your hair. I highlight mine often. Your hair looks great now. I haven't had short bangs in a long time. I sometimes get long side bangs that sweep to the side.