Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have a secret

I have been going to the gym Monday through Friday for 4 weeks now, and guess what? I love it!!! Perhaps it is because I love structure and routine. So once I decided that I would go immediately after taking the kids to the bus stop, that is what I have done. I live by the clock. I don't like to be late and get anxious if things aren't done at their usual time. So fitting the gym into a schedule works perfectly for me. I enjoy having a little time to myself, albeit only an hour to an hour and a half, but it is MY time. Sometimes dropping off Max is hard if he cried, but here he is when I tried to sneak a pic of him. He is just fine so I don't let that deter me at all.

And I am seeing results to boot. Small results, but results nonethless. No one else can probably even tell, but I see myself in the mirror before I shower and I am seeing the fruits of my labor which makes it even easier to keep going. So don't tell anyone my secret because the gym should be NO fun, but I look forward to it each day. A little time for me. I hope this doesn't count as selfishness.

the new crib

It is all painted and the driveway has been put in.

That's ours straight ahead.
(Unfortunately houses will be built in that open space, but for now no one in front of us.)

Pretty fall leaves in the neighborhood.

So the house it steadily moving along. Most of the outside stuff is done and they are working on the inside now. We will be moving into it, most likely around the first of the year, possibly sooner. Nothing like moving during the holidays to add some stress to the season. :o) But I am very excited!! Even though the house is the updated version of our last house, it is different enough in layout as well as vastly different in colors of cabinets, floors and counters that I am giddy to see it all complete. And living with my parents is just fine, it will be nice for the kids to have their own space again. Especially at bedtime. Colin and Ally feed off of each others rowdiness and their room is right next to Max's. Keep looking for more photo updates as I am able to get them!

This excites me