Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New 'do, part deux!

I decided that I needed to get highlights in my hair since I have never colored my hair before, so I asked my friend Melain who is a stylist if she would do my hair for me. I wanted subtle to ease my way into the hair coloring world. She also does her hair with these beautiful waves so she did it in my hair to see if I like it. I do, do you? Above is me before and here are the afters.......

My Mom was WRONG!!!!!!

Ok, I think this is the funniest thing EVER!! So last week while I was doing the laundry and I was putting the wet clothes from the washer to the dryer I noticed something. The washer was almost empty, but I saw a light pink color in the front of the washer, so I pulled way the rubber front and found this............

My Mom always told me the dryer ate the socks, but she was wrong. The washer has been doing it all along!! I found socks from loads I did months ago. Some were supposed to be white but obviously have been washed with every kind of load possible and are no longer like they used to be. All of them were either Ally or Max's socks, so they were small enough to slip into this groove!! Too funny!!

Spring Break, day one....

Yesterday I needed to run to the North Bend outlet mall to get some workout clothes for aerobics, and whenever we go the kids always want to ride on these funny little toys scattered around the mall. Usually the answer is no, but they were being good and it was spring break, so why not?! Here they are enjoying it!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Max's new play mate!!

So the other day Spencer was SO nice and bought us the iRobot Roomba to help with the house cleaning. Last night we decided to get it out and see how it all worked and stuff. The kids have been dying to see it, so this morning before Colin went to school I let them push the "clean" button to let it do its job. Max now thinks it is his new best friend and chases it all over. See his excitement. I have to watch him though because it is pretty powerful........and he also likes to put all his weight on it to try and stop it. He is such a boy!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day?

Growing up, this was another holiday I hated because it usually went like this, kids (annoying little boys) would say in that taunting tone "April's a Fool Day, April's a Fool, April's a Fool" and that would go on pretty much all day. So I used to love it when April 1st landed on a weekend. Now that I am a grown up I don't mind it at all and it is actually pretty funny to hear Colin try to trick me. But here is something that happened today that is NO JOKE. Poor Max has come down with a fever and threw up all over me. All I could do was sit there and wait for breastmilk vomit to soak into my clothes so it wouldn't get all over the couch. It got on the pillows which now reside in the garbage. Oh how I wish it were a joke.

I also woke up with a hurty skinned elbow and a bruised knee. From what you may ask? Well yesterday at aerobics, the kids play all around the outskirts of the gym and when I was sashay-ing, a little boy came out from behind the dividers and I did a dive to avoid him. I ended up doing a penguin like sliding landing. Very graceful, again no joke. I also took out my friend Heather with my feet during my tumble. We were laughing SO hard!! What a few couple of days it has been.