Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

The kids love Easter so much that it is hard to not get excited too. I love that they know the reason for the holiday is to celebrate The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is so sweet when they tell us that. The kids got to wake up, and me too (all too early), and get some goodies and then spend the afternoon at church learning more about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us. Overall it was a good day. I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday!!

I know Max needs a haircut badly, but I am waiting until we get closer to his 1 year birthday and his pictures!!


heide ohana said...

Happy Easter!
i am so glad that you found me and everything. anyways, that hawaiian chair, is so dumb! haha. no we don't have those.

hope the kids had a fun easter and got lots of candy!