Friday, March 14, 2008

Martha Stewart look out!

So a few weeks ago I realized after reading a few of my old Martha Stewart Kids magazines that I should subscribe to the magazine again because they have the BEST ideas in there for fun quick crafts and other good things, only to find out they no longer produce the magazine any more. (Super long sentence I know.) So ever since I have been on the hunt for all the issues I am missing, determined to have them all. I called the back issue department and was able to purchase most of them there. The rest I found through ebay (along with the MS Baby too, only missing Fall 2001).

Anyways what this has done has made me want to be crafty! But not the long project type of crafty, but the it-only-takes-a-few-minutes-to-do crafty. I have three kids you know, it can't be TOO time consuming. So I have made a felt food donut rattle (with sprinkles) for Max and homemade stickers. Super fun! I want to make more felt food because they are so cute. I am making chocolate chip cookies with crinkle paper next, yum! If any one knows of some good patterns let me know.

I was also at the best fabric store this week with my mom and she got the cutest pattern to make Max a fabric giraffe. When I get it I will show you all, but that makes me want to go back and find more patterns to make things with all the great fabric I have. I tend to buy a lot of things like fabric and scrapbook paper and all the other getup with the intentions of making things, but I seldom do. I think now may be the time, but again, it has to be something easy. I'll keep you posted.