Friday, January 11, 2008

Wait a minute, this job doesn't have sick days?!!!!

Who would have known when becoming a mom that you would not be entitled to sick days. I have had a cold this week and on Wednesday I felt like I had been in an Ultimate Fighting match and I lost. I hurt everywhere and was so tired! Picking up Max all day was very difficult to start with (he felt like he gained 20 lbs, I was so weak), but when the nausea came on I thought I would lose it. And poor Max has been sick too. Unlike his normal happy self, he just has a look on his face (with red, runny nose) that says "I don't feel good today". It is so sad. But at least he has me to take care of him. Who do moms get? We don't get a day off. Next time I need to read the fine print before accepting a job. (Although I would have accepted the job without hesitation anyways, I love being a mom, but it does make you stop and think when it happens.)


Sarah said...

Hey April, I saw you made a xanga site! Isn't it funny how you have to sign up on every single type of blogger to leave the comments! I'm with you! It should be universal. Anyway...I added you to my protected list, so you should be able to just get on if you're logged on to xanga. Thanks! Sarah