Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Sorry for my absence the past couple weeks, but as always the holidays were really busy! (And in that time, Max has started crawling and getting into EVERYTHING and Colin has lost his first tooth.)

I had hoped to get out Christmas cards to all, but another year has gone by without that happening, so think of this as your Christmas card. :o) Maybe next year I will be able to take a family picture and get out a little newsletter with it too. Hmm, I guess we'll see when the time comes. Christmas turned out really nice this year. Our tradition of watching Polar Express on Christmas Eve started us off and on Christmas Day we had both sides of our families come over to celebrate with us. Spencer also surprised me and got me a iTouch iPod (and he is loving it as much as I am ). Looking back on the year I can't believe how blessed I am in SO many ways. I am so grateful!!!

For New Year's, we got to ring it in with our close friends The Blue Family. We ate a bunch of junk we shouldn't have, but had fun doing so. The kids got to play and stay up late, and to my amazement, not one fell asleep before midnight!! We played a fun new game I got for Christmas, Scene It for Xbox 360, and had a blast! So here's to wishing everyone a wonderful and succesful 2008!!!


angie said...

its so crazy to think that you have three kids that are getting so big. how life changes.