Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Can't Help, Falling In Love With You

In the past week I have really been able to enjoy many things about my children, to be active in their childhood that has just made me feel like bursting with giddiness. I love them each so much that I hurt just thinking about it. I know this picture of Max isn't the best, but seeing him enjoy a good old fashioned ice cream cone just made my day. He liked the first few licks so much that he grabbed the bottom of the cone and pushed the entire cone in his mouth!! Who can say no to that face?

Both the older kids are now getting busy with activities, which means busy mom, but it is so fun to see them grow! Colin started his third year of basketball (I will have pics soon I'm sure) and Ally just started to take a tap,/ballet/tumbling class. It is her first organized activity and she is so excited. Just look how cute she looks in the outfit and you can see the excitment on her face. I started ballet when I was three and I know she will follow in my footsteps loving to dance. She dances around the house all the time anyways and now she will get to do it with her little friends, so cute!!

Now that I am done beaming and showing off the kids I will leave with a few (short) clips of Max just being cute. He is such a happy boy and the last clip is of him "trying" to climb up on the couch. Makes me laugh!!! Yeah that foot isn't going to reach buddy, but at least his brain is thinking and developing. He will be able to outsmart Mom soon enough I'm sure!!!