Friday, January 4, 2008

My Baby!

I have to share my enthusiasm for this new spoon that Baby Max got for Christmas in his stocking. It is called the Squirt by the brand Boon. You fill it with baby food and you can feed with one hand by sqeezing out the food directly onto the spoon. And it comes with a cover so I can take it with me. It has been SO handy!! Max was getting fussy in a store line the other day and I whipped it out and fed the boy. Isn't it sad that little things like this are what get me excited nowadays. :oP

But this is what really makes me happy. I was looking through a few of the pics we have been taking over the holidays and I ran across this one. It is the funniest face that I burst out laughing!! This boy is so funny lately. He has started crawling and has become VERY fast. He now gets into everything! His favorite thing to try and get is the volume on the tv amplifier. He gets such a proud look on his face when he turns the knob and instantly the sound is really loud. He doesn't cry, just looks at me like, "yep, I got to it mom, aren't I good?". Gosh I love my boy, even though he is pure trouble. As we speak he is getting into the dvd's by the tv, gotta run!!


Melain said...

Wouldn't it be easier to squirt it directly into his mouth? Fewer dishes and all. :)

I'm sorry to inform you that he's sure to continue to be nothing but trouble, simply because you named him Max. It's the X. Every teacher I've ever known says "X" is a HEX. I tried to warn Spencer...