Friday, February 27, 2009

The Moth Effect

The other night while the kids and I were sitting at the dinner table, a moth kept flying and landing on our sliding glass door. Ally was loving looking at it, Colin on the other hand liked that he could see it while it was safely outside. Unbeknown to them, the night before, Spencer had caught a moth that was flying around in a box and it was still there when Spencer got home from work. Of course he showed the kids and asked Colin to take the box outside to let the moth go. Colin vehemently refused, but Ally happily said she'd do it. So from that time on until it was time for them to go to bed there was much discussion about moths and whether or not they were in the house and why they would come in. Of course Spencer and I were teasing Colin a little because he obviously did not like the idea of moths in the house. But poor Colin was SO freaked out that he asked us to close his bedroom door (which he NEVER does) all the way, in fear that a moth would come in. So that night Spencer made a surprise sign that he hung up on Colin's door for him.
He was quite happy with it, but told us "Moths can't read". Yet it has stayed on his door since. But Ally said she would want one saying for them to come in. So the next night when she woke up, this is what hung on her door.
She also had library the next day and this is what she came home with, ha ha! We have moth fever in our house!!


Amy said...

No moths for me either! I remember when we first moved to Denver there was a HUGE infestation of moths. Everytime we opened the door at night several would come in. So my brother and I would go around with the vacuum hose and suck them all up. It was fun!

Melain said...

Holy crap I am cracking up right now!!!! Having kids is awesome.