Sunday, February 8, 2009


I got my loot of cards in the mail yesterday! Stacy, if you are reading this, you guys HAVE to do this again......and again................and again....and, well you get the idea! It was so fun to get such adorable and unique cards. I it definitely gave me such great ideas. I am definitely still a novice, but hopefully can improve by using these as inspiration. So fun! If any of you haven't been involved in a card swap I highly suggest it!!!


laska said...

I got one of your cards in the card swap, and I love it! you did such a great job! congratulations on being in the top ten!

Joy said...

I got one of your cards too. Thanks for doing it. Yours was so cute! You can check out my blog at

Melissa said...

How cute are THOSE?! To die for.