Saturday, January 17, 2009


I just scanned and uploaded a bunch of old school pics onto facebook. If you are on there as one of my friends check them out. They crack me up!!! Now I need to go find more. Most of the ones I just did were during my college days. I need to find some high school and maybe even younger!


Melain said...

First of all, let me just brag about the fact that I'm done with the stroller years.


And secondly, I've been asking Jonathan to bring a scanner home from work for the past 6 months so I can scan in some old pics for that very reason! So much fun.

Amy said...

Days I'll never forget! Aaron can't get over how round my face was. I think he's trying to say that I was chubbier back then. Fun times we had!!

Jen said...

Seriously some great times. I have awesome memories of that year. Jen, April & Amy. We were quite the trio, huh?

April said...

Yes, they were the best times EVER!! Amy - I wish I could say I was "chubbier" back then. I may have been chubby, but not chubbier. :o)

Greg and Kimberly ... said...

Who is in this photo, it's hard to tell with the light? It kind of looks like someone I knew on the ends, but I could be wrong.

April said...

From the left it is:
John Thompson
Amy Barentsen
Jeff ??
Rick Daynes
Jennifer Richardson
Chrity Henrie
Charles ??
"Mo" (Maureen I think) ??