Sunday, January 25, 2009

Good day!

Yesterday was a pretty down day for me. My denial of my mom having cancer finally came to an end and I felt very weak, emotionally, mentally and physically (I had no will power). (She started her latest round of chemo which will make her hair fall out, got a port put in her chest which is the next step before she starts the stem cell transplant. Or so I think, so many details!) But today I feel hopeful. Perhaps it is because I woke up to a beautiful light dusting of snow, which looks heavenly. Or maybe because I made the kids a healthy and aesthetically pleasing breakfast of scrambled eggs, bananas and blueberries. Not sure, but I know the Lord will never give us anything that we can't handle. I just have to have faith and do my part. There is purpose in all things!


Amy said...

Faith, Hope and lots of Prayers! I'm sorry, I didn't know your mom had cancer. Thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.

Our neighbor has a dehydrater and we got talking about it the other day. I told her about the dehydrated pineapple your mom sent us in good.

Julie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom April. Keep your chin up! You (and she) will be in our prayers.

April said...

Thanks everyone!

We did get some great goody bags from our parents didn't we? Snail mail was rough back then, but also SO fun!!!

angie said...

i'm so sorry about your mom! I know that it's tough to handle and feel free to break down anytime. it helps.