Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, yes, Max did turn 18 months on Sunday and that IS a milestone, but today when I dropped him off at the gym daycare for me to workout, he didn't cry! First time!! he happily went off and played, I was SO happy! They did have to page me to come change a stinky he did (he must feel comfortable enough to do his business there now, another milestone I suppose) and when I took him back he cried. But that was because it was not routine. He is used to me picking him up and going home after that, not going BACK. So I still count this as a HUGE success!! I was planning on taking a pic of him playing on my phone when I picked him up, but he saw me too quick and ran at me, so maybe next time. Stay tuned.


Amy said...

Progress is good! We look forward to milestones.