Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bite Size Fun

I got this brilliant idea from my friend Stacy's AWESOME blog (so addicted to all the ideas), so the kids and I made these yesterday. We combined her ideas along with the inspiration magazines ideas and made them to be more like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's apples by dipping the caramel "apples" in either melted white chocolate or peanut butter (or both which was awesome) and then in cinnamon and sugar, rainbow sprinkles, cashews and cocnut. This is best idea! You get to try different toppings and they are easy for little fingers. Next time we will use lollipop sticks so they are stronger when dipping and safer too. Other than that, these were a dream to make. your own!!!


Amy said...

Fun, Yummy! Thanks for the idea, we will have to make some of our own.

heide ohana said...

that is a good idea for the little fingers. anyway, Jolin is planning this little halloween party for the kids, i think you and max should come. and then for twilight, we have to go together!!