Monday, July 28, 2008

Pitcher Pictures

My sister in law Kate, her husband Miles and their family were up from Utah this weekend and it was so nice seeing them. It has been about 2 years because they didn't come out last year. So Saturday we spent the evening at my in laws having cake to celebrate Terry (my father in law) and Kate's birthday. The kids had SO much fun playing together. Cameron who is 8, played with Colin, Mia who is 7, played with Ally and Andrew (4 years I think) and Annika (2 years) joined in where they could. I wish we would have gotten some pics of them all huddles together playing their Nintendo DS's, it was so cute!

Yesterday, along with Uncle Ross, they all came to our house for a family dinner. It was just so nice to be able to have everyone together. We were missing Uncle Tom though!!! Hopefully we will be able to get our families together again sometime soon. 2 years is just too long! Thanks Pitchers (and Watkins) for a couple of fun days!!


Gus Gus said...

Wow - Kate looks just like Celia! That is great that you all got together! Love ya sis!

R and R said...

Glad you had fun. I just wanted to tell you that you DEFINATLY should read the Twlight series! I have the first book, but not the others; I just checked them out from the library. Of course lots of people want them (I am 18 out of 88 holds right now for the new one) so it takes a little time, but all the others have been worth it!