Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Summer Thus Far (in the form of pictures mostly)

Summer sort of kicked off with Colin's "Last Day of First Grade" park day!

Even Ally got to have fun blowing bubbles........
...and play with her friend Katie!
Colin just loves to be a boy and play!!
Max had had enough and really just wanted a nap.

But the girls were enjoying themselves.

The first dayof Summer Vacation we went to get Max his second haircut ever and eat some ice cream at B&R. Fun was had by all.

This summer has brought us lots of fruit, which Max is loving, along with many shirtless days!

The kids love to turn the sprinkler on to cool off in the back yard.

And Max likes to watch!

They even found a ladybug to join in the fun!

Again, we went to the park with our friends Kamaile and Marcus!

So the park gets another thumbs up!Ally wanted to climb this rock thing like Colin.......but she got scared.......really scared!But she was ok just that high :o)Colin loved it though!Much happier down here, even though the sun was in her face!Kamaile didn't want me to take her picture so I surprised she gave me stink eye. (It's payback for my Wal-Mart pic a few months back, hee hee!)
Marcus liked the swing.And Max liked eating the swing, can we say "Ew germs!" ?
Marcus LOVED the slide, practically throwing himself down it.

One day when we were out in the MV (aka Maple Valley), we went to a local Lake and just hung out. Max was being sweet boy!

Then it was 4th of July, where we woke up early for a ward breakfast and flag raising. And in the evening we went to the Fourth on the Plateau which is just a walk across the street from our house.

Here the kids are waiting for it to get dark enough for fireworks with their friends from our neighborhood, which we happened to run into.
Still waiting.....
...waited too long, Ally fell asleep right as they started....
...and Max not too long after.

Can't believe they could sleep through the loud fireworks, but they were SO tired!!!

We have also gone to Kamaile's pool a couple of times, but watching 3 kids around a pool doesn't leave any extra hands to take pics, sorry! But we have enjoyed doing that and appreciate their hospitality!!! Thanks super tan friends! (They recently got back from a month long stay in Hawaii and we all look extra white sitting next to them both, even though the older kids have started turning a nice shade of tan recently.) UPDATE: I forgot I took a couple pics on my cell phone to prove to Kamaile that Max looks like Casper the friendly ghost next to her.

And we have had more bubble and sprinkler days.

Oh, and Spencer and I have gotten to see 2 fantastic concerts, but because of the million rules they have, were unable to bring our camera (although I was able to sneak a few on my phone cam). We were front row for Styx and Boston (Spencer's all time favorite band, even though the lead singer Brad Delp commited suicide a year or so ago) and we were 5th row for James Taylor. It was great to get out, just the 2 of us. Hopefully we will get to do that more. Summer always brings great concerts to town. We have Carrie Underwood in a month or so, should be fun!


Melain said...

WOW! What GREAT seats! You guys were really close!

That was a great summary of your summer to date. I lost my camera several weeks ago, so I'm MISSING everything! I'm about a weekend away from just going and buying a new one. Your pictures are great and I covet your bubble machine.

April said...

Yes, the seats were great!! I took a few of those pics for your hubby. I hear he has a place in his heart for Lawrence Gowan. :o)

Jen Olson said...

Fun summer! It looks like you have gotten in some good summer fun in the whole 3 weeks that it has lasted so far. :)

Amy said...

What a GREAT summer! Awesome concert! and the kids are darling as usual.

heide ohana said...

hala you! put pics of me on there. anyway...i wish the sum would come back out so we could go back in the pool!!

R and R said...

WOW!! Lots of fun for your summer!! I am glad you left a message on my blog, so I could find yours!

Anonymous said...
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