Saturday, March 14, 2009

They clean up nice!

Don't they look nice and presentable? Being such rough and tumble kids (well besides girly girl Ally that is), I am proud to show off the kids of our family of 7. We currently have my niece and nephew living with us for a month or so while my sister stays in Seattle with my mom during her stem cell transplant. And with that we get to have 2 more kids join us for church each Sunday. Last week was our first one together. Not too sure they were super excited, but they said they had a good time when it was all over and we hope they will continue to come with us long after their stay with us. What a good looking bunch!


Amy said...

Good for them!! And good for you! Hope it's going well with two extra "big kids". I guess they will either be a great help or a great pain in your back side...hopefully helpful.

Wifey said...

They are a nice looking bunch indeed - smiles! And so is your blog. Love the design. Looking forward to reading more.

I hope your mom's surgery went well.

Winks & Smiles,