Friday, August 15, 2008

Max and the Giant Strawberry

During the birthday festivities Max found that one of the girls didn't want her strawberries and he couldn't let a good thing go to waste. At first I was worried about him choking on this big strawberry, but once he had it, he was not giving it up. See how this momentous experience unfolded...
"Oh look, a huge strawberry!"
"...should I just take it in bites?"
"No way, someone might take it away from me."
"I'll put the whole thing in my mouth."
"Almost got it all the way in."
sdflsk jdfhgh uienv vn
TRANSLATION: "Can't close my mouth, but it's in."
"Ha ha, it's all mine."
"Oops, it is starting to come out, I'll just push it back in."
"SO GOOD! Think anyone else left their strawberry lying around?"
I LOVE that boy!!!


ms.clark said...

This is too cute. Gosh, kids are great! Hey, noticed you left a comment on our Little Birdie Secrets blog. Thanks! You are the best.

Kansas said...

That is hilarious!!! I love the commentary!!! LOL!!!